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In the spring of 1998, five passionate guys - Jon Nordmark, Peter Cobb, Frank Steed, Andy Youngs and Eliot Cobb decided to start their own company. With more than 50 years of combined experience in the luggage category and a dash of Colorado’s famous pioneer spirit, the 'founding five' embarked upon a fantastic voyage that would take them from a scrappy startup selling just seven luggage brands to the #1 bag retailer in the country. They never imagined selling over 25 million bags. A place settled by people who refuse to settle. By outlaws and adventurers - folks who are hard-wired to make their own way. Folks who work to eat, but live to play. This is a learn-by-doing kind of town, and eBags is that kind of company. They’ve explored this tantalizing planet with the world’s best travel brands. When the best wasn’t good enough, they made something that was. They sweat the small stuff so customers can enjoy the big picture. Because after almost two decades in travel, they admit it’s more than wanderlust; this is wanderlove. They embody wanderlove by recognizing that each journey is unique and uniquely important. Whether a customer commutes to Manhattan, treks Machu Picchu or cruises their website, they clear the path for a smooth journey. Every new product is an opportunity to 'do better'. Every relationship is a chance to create an ambassador. They are mobile first in every sense of the word: accessible on every device, 100% devoted to maintaining customers’ momentum and as a company, never willing to stand still. Just as they have built a sparkling constellation of brands, those brands have helped them build a brilliant universe of customers. Their community supports passionate wanderlovers from all walks of life, a global village of members who trust each other and share opinions. Customers know what they want—from their lives and their gear, and eBags counts on them to provide feedback that helps guide fellow travellers as they shop for their next perfect purchase.

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