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2 Queens Vintage

Collectors of everything vintage and everything retro, so whether you are looking for that perfect outfit from your favorite era, or the perfect accessory to add a bit of vintage flair to your outfit, they can help. Be out with the new, and in with the old and set your own definition of style in our one of a kind pieces at 2 Queens Vintage.

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Ada's Attic Vintage

Premium vintage clothing. Vintage homeware and bedding.

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Barefoot Vintage

There is a certain romance in finding the perfect vintage piece. You either know exactly what you are looking for or just so happen to stumble upon the item of your dreams. Whichever way you find what you are looking for, you know that it has a past and a history that you may want to find out more about. You understand that it has been loved and cherished before and that there is a sequel coming, with a future full of adventures. They feel passionate about every single item that has been collected and displayed within these pages. They feel that each item has value because of its story, its impact on fashion, or its significance to its original owner. They make sure that each piece is cared for, appreciated and passed on to someone who feels the same way. Items are acquired and inventoried separate from existing back stock to prevent cross-contamination. Once inventoried, items are inspected for flaws, marked, and sorted according to necessary repair. Inventoried stock is wet-cleaned in-house if appropriate, or dry cleaned by professional vintage dry cleaners. Some clean stock is professionally repaired, if necessary, according to the repair. Some of the measures taken to restore items include: restoring and weighting original seams and hems, replacing buttons and other findings (using vintage alternatives whenever possible), replacing deteriorated elastic, resole and replacing heels, polishing and conditioning.

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Black Eyewear

As a life long jazz fan, the founder of Black Eyewear, Robert Roope's frame designs began to resonate with the eyewear worn by many of the jazz musicians of the 50s. As a token of his admiration for their music, Robert Roope decided to dedicate each of his designs to a jazz great like Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Duke Ellington, John Coltrane etc. The brand 'Black Eyewear' was created. To date, Black Eyewear consists of more than fifty designer glasses and sunglasses; each design is unique but the vintage essence can be seen and felt in every model, making them extremely contemporary in the current fashion.

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Bohemian Rose Vintage

In-house London designed and made swimwear, fashion and jewellery. They use vintage materials and manufacture their own fabric in the UK to create a completely individual look whilst being on trend! Lovers of stretch fabrics and vintage cuts. Everything in their range made in extremely limited quantities. Their vintage pieces are hand selected with no wholesale or bulk buying.

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Cameo Nouveau

At Cameo Nouveau, you'll find a beautiful collection of clothing, jewellery and accessories that mixes the best of vintage and modern styles to create collections that reflect your unique, artistic personality. From basic tops and bottoms to handcrafted statement pieces that can't be found anywhere else, their online fashion boutique promises a one-of-a-kind fashion experience for the discerning woman. Accessorize your wardrobe with global handbags, trendy accessories and funky jewellery perfect for completing a look. You can also dress up your gadgets with phone and technology accessories. As you're shopping for yourself, don't forget to stock up on accessories for your home. Cameo Nouveau offers home decor distinctive for every room so you can show off your style from the front door to the living room, through the dining room and beyond. Shop with Cameo Nouveau today to find your perfect style pieces for you and your home, and take advantage of free shipping when you spend $100!

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Established in the year 2000, Collectif originated in London as a stall on Camden Market. Over the past fifteen years, they have now grown to have three London based stores, and another boutique in Brighton. They design and make their own unique range of clothing, inspired by the styles of the 1940s and 50s, as well as pin up and rockabilly pieces too. They also stock a wide range of jewellery and accessories made by themselves, alongside a select range of designers and suppliers that they feel complement the brand. Versatility and originality pervades Collectif’s design philosophy, and their range is perfect for those looking for something different. They combine new fashion trends with classic vintage styles, along with a good splash of rock and roll! For them, their collections are more than fashion; they are about creating a timeless sense of romance and glamour set against an unconventional background. You can find complete outfits to accent pieces, suitable for in the office, day and evening wear, and each piece will let you develop your own sense of self expression. At Collectif, their customers are very important. Their small team personally deals with every aspect of Collectif from design, to production, and all the way through to shipment and sale. They work hard to ensure that their customers not only receive only the highest quality products but also a personalised service when shopping with them. They pride themselves on delivering excellent customer service, and are on hand 5 days a week to answer any questions or queries you may have either by email or by calling them.

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The fashion background of Conmigo is a unique combination of opposites. There is the cosmopolitan, stylish and contemporary spirit of a busy London married to the passionate, colourful and flamboyant Latin lifestyle. Conmigo merges these two vibrant and opposite lifestyles to deliver unique products. Conmigo entices you on this unique journey of embracing life with confidence. The team at Conmigo London Ltd have many years experience in the fashion industry and provide unique designer womenswear and other fashion accessories to both retail and corporate clients. They started trading in the City of London and quickly gained numerous London based professional clients, such as lawyers, accountants, designers, stylists, artists and celebrities. The range includes unique designer party dresses, knitwear,tops, handbags, hats and accessories, created and manufactured by a talented team of over forty designers and fashion companies, inspired by the company’s owner who graduated from the famous St Martin’s University of Arts, London. These items are perfect for ladies who enjoy wearing unique fashions at high street prices and also make great presents.

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Elsie and Fred

Vintage and unique clothing for men and women, giving a fresh and a different mindset and allowing individuals to express themselves.

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The very best in exclusive and one off pieces of vintage clothing, jeans, shoes, T-shirts, shirts, accessories and fashion online. They stock one of a kind, distinctive vintage garments and accessories, handpicked from across the globe and spanning the decades. E-Vintage is a brand favoured by vintage lovers across the globe. From their gorgeous selection of vintage designer wear to their huge selection of accessories, they pride themselves on stocking only the highest quality of clothing and accessories for men and women. Here at e-Vintage they have a collection of high quality of handpicked vintage bags, belts, shoes and clothing. Their products have been carefully selected for their design to complement the latest fashion and trend, yet maintaining the cultural nostalgia. All their items are pre-owned (they like to say pre-loved); they hope you will enjoy them as much as they have finding them!

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Fox and Rose

The seductive, mischievous, bold Fox and the elegant, understated Rose. The two sides of a woman are reflected in their thoughtfully edited selection of the hottest looks. Inspired by these two sides of a woman’s character, their name captures changing underwear moods with lingerie that beautifully responds to any occasion. At Fox & Rose you can define any mood with a nod to the inner seductress Fox, or the elegant, understated Rose. Shopping with us means you’re not just buying lingerie, you’re creating a look for a complete erotic experience. Whether that experience be your wedding night, a special date or a weekend away with a lover, whether you are indulging your inner Fox or your inner Rose, you sometimes want lingerie that is both exquisite and explicit. That’s why they’ve created a special selection of lingerie and accessories for your erotic encounters. Take a look and let your imagination run wild!

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Future Heirlooms Boutique (The)

Clothing and accessories inspired by times gone by. Infusing today's fashion with the style and elegance of bygone eras, limited edition and bespoke pieces combine contemporary design with antique class. Femininity unites with edge in exotic opulence, the fleeting with the eternal; through pieces that balance what is current with the nostalgia of golden times. In drawing inspiration from decadent eras and trends of the past, through experimenting and reworking vintage prints, colours, shapes and embellishments; entice the wearer to indulge in the theatrics of fashion. Celebrating all femininty, items transcend the decades that inspire them and place the power and aesthetic in the woman who wears them. Their bespoke service brings a further design dimension: they offer customisation and are happy to create commissions tailored to distinct individuality. In-house sourcing and creative design make for spirited, intricate creations and loving attention to detail guarantees an indulgent finesse. A personal approach and professional manner ensure both the product and the experience are a memorable delight. If whilst browsing you spot a fabric you like and your eye is drawn to a specific detail but alas they aren't sitting together, all is not lost: special requests, alternative color ways, different embellishments, specific designs and personal ideas are always welcome.

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