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About Living

One of Glasgow and Perth's leading homeware and gift stores. Opening in 2006, About Living now has three stores which are located in Glasgow and Perth. They pride themselves on selecting the best homeware, jewellery, gifts and cards on offer from around the world. They look at the latest trends, colours and designs and work with some of the most desirable brands including Alessi, LSA, Joseph Joseph, Le Creuset, Ted Baker, Caroline Gardner, Coeur de Lion, Dansk, Jellycat and Burt's Bees. All products are hand picked in order to stand out from the typical department store. They don't just want to offer you simply kitchenware or glassware or jewellery. They want to have a full collection of products for all styles and occasions. About Living is a lifestyle for the way you live your life. They pride themselves on giving customers great customer satisfaction with fast, friendly and efficient delivery service and a no-quibbles return policy. They want you to contact them for advice or to find out more information on their products. They are there to make life easier for you.

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Over 300 of the world’s most luxurious home fashion brands, many of which being exclusive to them, such as Ralph Lauren Home, who have carefully selected Amara as the only online store to distribute their home collections. Bringing you the very best in luxury home fashion, they now offer nearly 35,000 products on their website to ensure your interior style is always covered. Their online magazine, The LuxPad, which provides a discerning insight into not just the interiors and design industry but also the worlds of fashion, travel and luxury cuisine, has grown exponentially over the past three years with the latest industry interviews, case studies and inspiration published weekly. With an ever expanding subscription list and US and Austalian versions launched last year, the magazine is gaining in popularity every day and many more exciting features are planned for the year ahead. Amara’s reach is ever increasing and in 2015 they connected with their customers oven more through the launch of their German language site to join their French site launched in 2014 and by increasing the visibility of their other dedicated country websites including US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UAE and Ireland.

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Online store presenting the products and services of Auroville to the world. The products on this website are produced in Auroville by its numerous units and all funds and profits from the sale of products go to furthering the development of the township. They pride themselves on the quality and fineness of all products and also on the ethical way in which they are produced. Auroville is a centre for alternative technology in India and the world. Natural earth-building methods have been developed to a high degree. Organic farming is well established and use of natural methods of manufacturing without pollution or destruction of the planet are a hallmark of the Auroville community.

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To think it all started with a 19th century fad, the hoop skirt. That was the first item that Joseph and Lyman Bloomingdale carried in their Ladies' Notions Shop in New York's Lower East Side. In the late 1800's, most fashion retailers specialized in just one type of garment. Not the brothers Bloomingdale, their East Side Bazaar, opened in 1872, sold a wide variety of European fashions. It was the beginning of what would become a "Department Store". In 1886 came the visionary move uptown to 59th Street and Lexington Avenue. The store expanded steadily and by the 1920's, Bloomingdale's converted an entire city block. Flexing his marketing muscle, in 1900 Lyman created splashy ad campaigns to bring people in the door. People started seeing the "All Cars Transfer to Bloomingdale's" slogan everywhere, on billboards, delivery wagons, and even ladies' beach umbrellas. In the 1940's Bloomingdale's became the stage for gala events and fashion shows, including "Woman Of The Year, 1947." With music, lighting and sophistication, it was retailing as theater. In 1961, the Bloomingdale's team came up with the first designer shopping bags. Since then, many have become collector's items. By the 70's, everyone was stopping by 59th Street and Lexington Avenue for a look, including Queen Elizabeth. People came to see and to be seen. Once there, they were dazzled by the cutting-edge fashion of designers like Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis and Norma Kamali, who got their first truly big opportunities at Bloomingdale's. In the 2000's, looking forward, Bloomingdale's is committed to once again lead the way with exclusive merchandise, customized services, and alternative shopping venues. Carrying on the Bloomingdale's brothers' dream, Bloomingdale's are always finding ways to set their stores apart. That's both the legacy and the promise of Bloomingdale's.

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Our homes are full of great stories. About ourselves. What we love and what we like to do. We surround ourselves with what we like. What is important to us and what makes it easier to live the life we want. So when we come home, we feel at home. The home of BoConcept is Denmark, where they have been designing and manufacturing design furniture for more than 60 years.

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Century 21

Delivering value to live better, this NYC icon for more than 50 years, it is legendary for its exceptional offering of designer brands at amazing prices. Century 21 remains a leader in high end off-price fashion retail, offering men's, women's and children's apparel, footwear, outerwear, lingerie and accessories, along with beauty and home goods at select stores and online. The retailer is headquartered in Downtown Manhattan with 10 stores total. Locations in New York include Lincoln Square, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island. There are three stores in New Jersey: Paramus, Morristown and Elizabeth. Century 21 Department Store opened its first store outside of the New York Metro area in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and continues to expand in new markets.

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Fast growing specialist out-of-town homewares retailer which provides a comprehensive range of products to a wide customer base, under the brand name Dunelm. Dunelm was founded in 1979 by Bill and Jean Adderley, selling curtains on a Leicester market stall. The business developed into a successful chain of high street shops in the Midlands specialising in soft furnishings and other homeware. Today the major focus is out-of-town retailing – always with the company's original principle of “something for everyone, everything for someone – there’s no place like Dunelm” firmly in mind. Key facts: UK’s largest homewares retailer; portfolio of established out-of-town superstores, average sales area approximately 30,000 square feet; great prices; deep availability; friendly knowledgeable service; online store featuring 24,000 products.

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French Connection

Founded in 1972 by Stephen Marks, French Connection set out to create well-designed fashionable clothing that appealed to a broad market. French Connection now offers a fashion-forward clothing range with a quirky spin on design, priding itself on quality and affordable prices. Having established a strong core clothing business, through unique design and a true sense of style the company has, over recent years expanded its portfolio into exciting new areas including men's and women's toiletries, sunglasses and opticals, watches and shoes. Driven by innovation and change, the brands strength lies in balancing new and exciting ideas with the basic promise of quality and affordability, established when the company was founded. Throughout this expansion and diversification the principles have remained the same; design-led products presented in a unique and innovative way.

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G Cohen

Their Director Gideon Cohen has been dealing in antique silver for 37 years, and has been based in Central London at the world renowned London Silver Vaults since 1995. They specialise in British silver from the 17th century up to the present day and also have a selection of fine continental objects; their emphasis is on quality and condition and, unless otherwise stated, all of their inventory is guaranteed to be Sterling Silver, in good condition, and authentic. They have built a strong reputation as an Internet-based company in recent years, shipping purchases to a growing base of customers all over the world. In addition to that, they have now opened a plush new retail unit in the prestigious London Silver Vaults, where customers can see their extensive collection on display. Whichever way you buy from them, they are committed to providing excellent customer service and guarantee that no compromise is made on authenticity, quality, or condition.

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Garconne (La)

Founded in 2005, La Garçonne is an online fashion retailer specializing in the elegantly understated. Headquartered in New York City and serving a global clientele, La Garçonne embodies a way of life, attiring garçonnes for work and play, for moments of emotional spontaneity and focused calm, for where you are and where you'll be. The result is an exhibit of modern sophistication. Featured collections from both established and emerging designers move easily between androgyny, femininity, and masculinity, between bold statements and timeless classics. Supported by a world-class team and manifested in the thoughtful and creative choices their customers make daily, La Garçonne offers an aesthetic you may well recognize as your own.

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Gurasu Crystal, a passion for fine crystal. Crystal has long been seen as a special occasion material. Something given as a wedding gift, an anniversary or for display only. Gurasu wants you to enjoy your crystal every day, to find abundant joy and desire in something which is truly beautiful and luxurious. Sip water from a crystal glass and experience the pleasure which is only available from the very best in glassware. With Gurasu, you can take your senses to new heights. Gurasu was born out of a desire to make fine and unique crystal by the best artisans and bring it to an audience who appreciates fine craftsmanship. It was this challenge which led owner Joanna Maya to develop the idea and eventually open her online boutique. For her, crystal represented her childhood and her homeland, something she wished to share. Located in London, Gurasu has now grown into a boutique, luxurious brand whose dedicated team of experts and glass enthusiasts is committed to offering the very best service to their customers. Supporting not only European crystal studios but also creating the best pieces in the UK, Joanna’s vision is to take crystalware to the next level. This enhances the Gurasu brand, allows for more creativity and gives back to the talented craftspeople who make works of art. In addition, Gurasu continues to work with British designers who wish to express their art forms in crystal. Joanna believes that the future of art lies in young people and their creativity knows no bounds. For Joanna, great design encompasses a love of her surroundings and the magical and timeless appeal of a natural product. Her designs focus on contemporary home décor, as well as the classic glassware with a modern twist. This juxtaposition of influences has led to a interesting yet fully informed style which is Gurasu’s own. Gurasu offers a quality product which is unsurpassed. All products from the coloured wine glasses to the centerpieces are lovingly hand-crafted. Some are mouth-blown and hand-painted, but none endure the indignity of being machine made. This approach results in crystal which is multifaceted, sparkling and, above all, a creation with passion added at every turn. 'Crystal can sparkle in the sunshine, blend into the back ground, enhance everyday objects and be the belle of the ball. But above all, its striking beauty is something to behold.' – Joanna Maya

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Selling designer clothing, luxury gifts and fashion accessories, Harrods is the jewel in England's retail crown. From a humble ground-floor grocery store founded by Charles Harrod in 1849, it has evolved into a sparkling seven-storey wonderland. Four acres of shopping space showcases the world's most sought after brands, set within a magical kingdom of fantasy and cultural opulence. Selling everything from sweets and souvenirs to diamonds and antiques, there is nowhere in the world quite like Harrods.

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